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We focus on our best skills and peak performance: planning, design, architecture, and engineering. From there, we partner with amazing builders to realize your perfect ADU in physical reality. This way, local economies thrive, and we can spread more love! Making backyard cottages easier to build, more affordable, and within reach.


We embrace the future of things. With our friends at PrefabADU.com, we are developing panelized ADUs. Internally we’re also developing modular systems. We draw inspiration from the world around us, new technologies, sustainable building materials. 20+ years in the field, and construction methodologies, tested, tried, and true. 


What’s most important is that you assemble the team that’s right for you! You’ll notice that some of our building partners also design, and you may think we’re crazy for listing them. We know we’re not the right fit for everyone, but when we are, you’ll have a fantastic experience and won’t regret it, today or 10 years from now.


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Hello Housing, an affiliate of MidPen Housing, is a nonprofit that partners with Bay Area cities and counties for new housing solutions. Since 2005, they've developed innovative housing programs, including Bright in Your Own Backyard, offering free or low-cost services for ADU projects in San Mateo County. Learn more on our website about joining regional housing solutions.


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We’ve made it our mission to find the best ways to make affordable housing actually affordable. The most affordable ADU out there is one built by the homeowner, but not all homeowners know how to build a house which is why we developed our kits. From plans for submittal to installation with our in-depth guide our homeowners are equipped with all the resources they need to tackle their very own DIY ADU.


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Valley Home Development is a Design/Build firm focusing on ADU’s, Custom homes & Multi-family properties. Founded in 2005, our team has built over 250 ADU’s in the Bay area across all jurisdictions. Our offerings include a multitude of prefab building methods to help you find the right housing solution for your budget. We are proudly a minority woman owned and family operated company.

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Acton ADU, founded by family housing advocate Stan Acton, specializes in Build Ready, Personalized, and Custom Architecture ADUs (backyard homes). With 30+ years of experience, they offer design, permitting, building, and financing services for long-term family housing and investment plans. Based in Campbell, California, Acton ADU serves 20+ cities in the San Francisco Bay Area's Silicon Valley.

+ 1 (510) 295-9322


Green Living Builders is actively involved in the ADU Task Force and Loni Gray's ADU Catalyst Consulting team. They specialize in well-designed and versatile ADU construction, providing clear financial analysis for affordable ADU building. Their services include internal ADUs, garage conversions, and freestanding units, and much more. Operating from El Cerrito to Castro Valley, including Orinda/Moraga.

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McDunn ADUs specializes in new custom ADU construction in the East Bay. With over 20 completed projects since 2017, they won the Bay Area Remodeling Award in 2019. Their focus is on custom, detached ADUs in Berkeley, Albany, El Cerrito, Oakland, and Alameda, showing strong commitment through coaching, Scouting, and political advocacy in the ADU market.


Webb Builders is a family operated business in the SF Peninsula focused on new custom residential construction. We focus on working with clients to build homes that cater to the needs of their lifestyle and their family. ADUs are a vital part of keeping family close and supporting their independence.Building ADUs from Burlingame to Los Altos.

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Integrum construction is a 3rd generation Sunnyvale-based General Contractor with a stellar reputation. Recognized as a Top 10 Contractor in the area, our quality work, accountability, and responsiveness shine. Our result-driven approach upholds the highest quality of workmanship, and we prioritize accountability, reliability, and responsiveness to your needs.


With over 30 years of experience, GR Innovative Builders Inc. is a trusted East Bay General Contractor. Specializing in Residential Construction and ADUs, we prioritize craftsmanship and client collaboration. As a family-owned business, we ensure your satisfaction through seamless construction, working closely with architects, subcontractors, and suppliers to exceed expectations.

+ 1 (510) 473-7750


Macbuilt is a comprehensive construction firm based in Oakland. Our expertise encompasses a wide array of services, notably basement dig outs and foundation work, where we excel in transforming spaces. We're dedicated to making grand visions come true, no matter the size. Seismic upgrades stand as a testament to our commitment to safety and durability.

+1 (408) 914-1126


Ademo Construction is a licensed general contractor for cost-effective, top-quality design concepts. We handle every project phase, from planning to cleanup, be it remodeling, custom work, additions, or value enhancement for your South Bay property. Serving San Jose, Santa Clara, Fremont, Milpitas, Cupertino, and nearby areas with comprehensive, affordable solutions.


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One of the few lenders friendly to ADUs that does not require refinancing your main residence.

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They have a construction loan just for ADUs in cooperation with Napa Sonoma ADU non-profit. It is available to anyone looking to build an ADU.

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HomeUnlock helps you find a loan made just for your ADU project. Get up to 500k to build your ADU. HomeUnlock offers a simple financing option specifically for ADUs. We help you turn your ADU project into reality with a loan made just for your needs.